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Bernardsville Animal Hospital is a small animal veterinary hospital in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Our mission is to provide top-notch medical, surgical, and dental care to our patients.


We Invest in the Best!

Surgical Laser

Surgical procedures both laser and non-laser available at the Bernardsville Animal Hospital.

Surgical procedures are done with either a scalpel (non-laser) approach or performed using a high tech laser with CO2 gas to produce a beam of light which cuts cleaner and more precisely than a scalpel. The laser action can produce shorter surgery time, less pain, and less bleeding than traditional scalpel surgery.

Pain Free Fear Free 

We have adopted the protocols of Dr. Marty Becker, "American's Veterinarian". Our seminars and luncheons with Dr. Becker have helped us make your pet’s visit as stress and pain free as possible.

Safe Vaccines

We administer only the safest, purest, and most effective vaccines. We only use "Top-Shelf" vaccines, no substitutes. Always.

Nursing Staff - Second to None

Hand selected, well-educated and well trained... our staff is amongst the finest in the profession. They hone their medical and service skills through daily on-site training, continuing education, seminars, and formal degree programs.

Comprehensive Anesthetic Monitoring

Safety comes first. Your pet will receive three layers of monitoring when under anesthesia: a multi-modal electronic monitor, a full time dedicated anesthetic nurse, and a Doppler blood pressure for accuracy and dependability.

in house lab.jpg

In-House Laboratory

Your dog or cat can receive immediate lab results. Our high caliber lab machines can run in-house blood chemistries, blood cell counts and urine tests for time sensitive and emergency situations. 

Digital X Rays

This quicker and more precise technology aids in better disease detection and facilitates rapid interfacing with specialists via the internet.

Lite-Cure Therapy Laser

This laser uses light energy for wound healing, pain relief, inflammation reduction, arthritis modulation and more. It's the same Laser used by the Met's, Jet's, Giants, and Yankees to help keep their athletes active and pain free. Now YOUR athlete can benefit from it too!

Acupuncture and Bemer Therapy


Drs. Saunders and Bostek-Brady are trained in holistic approaches to veterinary care such as acupuncture and Bemer therapy (radio pulse technology) to promote wellness and increased bloodflow to support healing, ease of movement, and overall temperment.